Dealing with Car Sick Kids

Whether it be from a flu or just car sickness, all parents will probably deal with a puking kid on a car trip at some point. Now that you’ve prepared your minivan for a car sick kid, let’s talk about how to put that plan into action.

Use those Doggie Bags

As soon as one of my kids announce that they feel queasy, I hand back one of those dog poop bags I hide in my minivan. (Disclaimer: my kids are all front facing and old enough that their heads are too big to stick in the bag. ) Then each time they start to gag, I remind them to aim for the bag. The bag can then be tied off until we get to a garbage. With a  quick tear from the roll, I hand the kid another bag for the next time. 

Pull out the Glove Box Wipes

Along with the doggie bag , my queasy kids get a wipe right away too. The younger kids wear the wipe as a bib to catch dribbles and hopefully save their clothes. The older kids just use it to wipe mouth and hands. 

Wipes are pretty useful when it comes to cleaning up an unexpected throw up that doesn’t hit a bag. It might take half a pack, but we’ve used wipes to make a car seat cover clean enough to make it to our destination. 

Keep an Eye out for a Car Wash

Sadly, not all sick kids hit a bag. Sometimes it’s all over them and everything else. This is when a car wash is your new best friend. After a car seat cover has been removed, there’s no reason not to spray the car seat off with a self serve car wash.  Remember those car mats we talked about last week, now’s the time to pull those out and hose them down too. It might be a little wet, but hopefully a lot less smelly.

Limit Snacks and Drinks

While some might think this is a no brainer, it’s worth a mention. I handle my car sick kids just the same as my sick kids at home. That means limited drinks and snacks. All of my kids beg for water when they don’t feel well. I’ve learned from experience it’s best to not give more than about an ounce every 15 to 30 minutes unless I want it to all come back up. Also unless we are on a really long ride, we do no snacks for our sick kids until we reach our destination. 

Pray for a Long Nap

Riding with a sick kid is no fun for anyone in the minivan. The best thing that can happen for a sick kid is a long nap. I always figure any time they spend sleeping is that much closer to our final destination. 

So that’s all my tips and tricks for car sick kids. Share any tips you have in the comments.  If you missed it last week, check out my post about prepping your minivan for sick kids here. May all your future minivan trips be vomit free.