Flu season is here again. Thankfully during the recent round that went through my home, we kept it out of the minivan. That hasn’t always been the case. Whether it’s the flu or just a carsick kid, puke in the minivan happens. With 3 kids and an aging dog, I’ve had enough experience with puke in my minivan to develop a good system. In fact, so much I’ve decided to spilt this into two posts. First up, how to prepare your minivan for sick kids.

Invest in Good Car Mats

Some of the best money we’ve ever spent has been on the floor mats. We have these. Our mats cover under the entire backseat area and have a lip. Anything that escapes onto the floor from a sick kid stays on the mat and can be easily hosed off.

Carry Bags

After one or two episodes of sick kids in my minivan, I’ve always had bags within arms reach in my minivan. I’ve found that the little rolls of dog poop bags are also perfect for a sick kid. They are small enough that most kids can mange to hold them easily yet large enough to accomplish the job. It’s easy to tear off a new bag to exchange for a dirty one. The roll is so small and discreet it’s easy to find a place to store them for emergencies.

I also always have several Walmart bags in the back of my minivan for garbage or clothing that needs to be washed.  While this bag trick works great with a forward facing kid who can be easily monitored, I wouldn’t recommend handing a bag to a rear facing kid. Better in that case to have an adult sit next to them with the bag if possible.

Store Wipes in the Glove Box

Not only is it nice to be able to hand a sick kid wipes to clean their hands and face. It’s also amazing how much car set clean up can be done with a pack of wipes. More on that next week.

Keep A Change of Clothes in the Minivan
My 2 year old in a 6 month dress.

This one can seem like a no brainer, but all of us mommas are guilty of not keeping up on sizes for those minivan spares. In fact, this has happened to me with my own daughter. Here she is at 2 in a 6 month dress after her momma didn’t replace her minivan spares.

Don’t be like this momma. Since this incident I make a habit of checking the minivan spares every time the season changes. All of my minivan spares are stored in a Thirty One Pack n Pull Caddy left over from my diaper changing days.

Buy a Spare Car Seat Cover

This one isn’t necessary for everyone, but if you have the child who vomits on every car ride it’s something to consider.  Many manufactures sell replacement car seat covers. My oldest was the king of spit up as a baby. After one stinky car ride with him riding in a spit up covered car set, we ordered a replacement cover.

So now that your minivan is prepared for the sick kid, here are my tricks for managing puking kids. Any great preparation tips of your own? Leave them in the comments below. I would love to hear them.

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